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W H E R E   S C I E N C E   M E E T S   S O P H I S T I C A T I O N

Cleft Lip Rhinoplasty

Cleft lip and palate are the result of tissues of the face not joining properly during embrionic development. The lack of fusion of the labial tissue can continue to create deformities of the nose on one or both sides.  The separation of the lip is usually closed early on avfter birth.  The repair of the nose however is usually delayed to some point in the future. The nasal structures have normally completed their growth qround the 16th birthday, so many surgeons wait until those structures have finished thier growth to return to surgery to correct any deformities that me be present.
Surgery: Each surgeon may approach the issue in a different manor. Dr Yousif's technique is to perform an open rhinoplasty which means that the cartilage of the nose is completley exposed with a central incision.  Dr. Yousif feels that the structures are all there just out of place. That requires careful exposure and rebuilding.  Sutures and cartilage grafts are used to re-build the nasal framework.  Cartilage grafts are usually harvested from the ears "concha" or the central portion. There is little or now changes to the shape of the ears.  Grafts may be placed in the nose or even at the base of the nose to support the nasal structures and bring the maxilla forward.  


Cleft Lip Rhinoplasty

17 year old is seen before surgery and 3 months post operatively