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"When the inner self remains young and strong as the outer surface begins to age, that disparity leads some to seek correction, we as plastic surgeons seek to close the discrepancy between surface and soul."    


                                        -N. John Yousif, M.D​


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W H E R E   S C I E N C E   M E E T S   S O P H I S T I C A T I O N

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Gortex Mid Face Lift, Lower Lids & Full Face Lift and Neck Lift 



​The Face Lift: also known, as a rhytidectomy is a type of cosmetic surgery proposed to give a more youthful appearance of the face. It usually involves the removal of excess facial skin, with or without the tightening of underlying tissues. According to the most recent 2008 statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, facelifts were the sixth most popular aesthetic surgery performed after breast augmentation, liposuction, eyelid surgery, abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, breast reduction, and nasal surgery.
Facelifts are helpful for eliminating loose skin folds in the neck and laxity of tissues in the cheeks. The areas not well corrected by a facelift include the nasolabial folds, perioral mounds or marionette lines or lines around the lips. 



Although facelift requires skin incisions, which results in permanent scars, those scars in front of and behind the ears, if done correctly, usually become inconspicuous over a period of time. Hair loss in the portions of the incision within the hair-bearing scalp can rarely occur. In men, the sideburns can be pulled backwards and upwards, resulting in an unnatural appearance if appropriate techniques are not employed to address this issue. In both men and women, signs of having had a facelift can be a pulled-back, "windswept" appearance, widening of the corners of the mouth, visible lines of pull especially with movement of the face, and visible scars.

Dr. Yousif's results are Dramatic, Natural and Longlasting 

Gortex Mid Face Lift, Lower Lids & Full Face Lift and Neck Lift 

Full Face Lift, Hyoid Suspension Neck Lift 

Pre operative view and 5 years after Face & Neck Lift

Upper & Lower Lid Blepharoplasty & Gortex Mid Facelift & Facelift 

Upper & Lower Lid Blepharoplasty & Gortex Mid Facelift & Facelift

Most likely with the natural appearance of the procedure, its difficult to determine any procedure was ever performed.

The following patients are left with a more youthful, fresh and natural appearance. Many years younger in some cases.

Natural Looking Designed To You. Although each person's results will differ, before and after photos are good examples of potential changes. They should be used not only as a comparison of techniques and surgeons, but are good starting points for evaluation, comparison and discussion with your surgeon. Please note that these are post surgical photos that are not suitable for all audiences. Viewers should be 18 or older to view the gallery images.

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