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Natural Looking Facial Rejuvenation Is Possible!

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Dr. Yousif Has Spent His Career Studying Facial Anatomy and Facial Aging!

Dr Yousif Has Developed Multiple Facial Procedures That Are long Lasting, Beautiful and Do Not Look Like Surgery Was Done.

The Gortex Midface. 

Understanding facial aging is important in understanding Face lift Surgery:

 As time passes, the face it is affected by the constant pull of gravity. The cheeks slowly move downward away for the lower lids.  This makes the lower lids appear longer and more aged. 

Would You think this patient had surgery?  

These photos are from a study published by Dr. Yousif.  This is the same person as she has aged.   You can see how the cheeks have fallen and dropped away from the lower lids making them look older.  The cheeks are lower and fill the lower part of the face. Most facelifts just pull the tissue back toward the ears and don't correct the lower lids.  That, in part, will make the facelift look un-natural. 

The Mid-face Lift developed by Dr. Yousif lifts the cheek back into the correct position. No other face lift does that. Only when you bring the tissue back to where it was can facial rejuvenation look natural and make a patient look like the younger self.  Look at the patients lower lids to see if they look younger and you will see a natural looking face lift.  

The Gortex Midface Lift

Gortex?? Yes Gortex! It has been used for years in medical procedures. In fact it was used in medicine before it was placed in garments.  This procedure was developed by

Dr. Yousif cradle the cheek and help prevent the midface from dropping down again. It Lasts For Years!!! And Looks Natural!!

Do These Patients Look Like They Had Surgery? 

Move the arrow to the left to see what she looked like 2 years before surgery! 

This Patient had a Facelift and A Gortex Midface lift developed by Dr. Yousif

Move the arrow to the left to see what she looked like 2 years before surgery!