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W H E R E   S C I E N C E   M E E T S   S O P H I S T I C A T I O N

Hyoid Suspension Necklift

Developed By Dr. Yousif

The neck is made up of various structures including skin, a variable amount of fat, the underlying platysma muscle and the cartilage of the trachea or breathing tube. The variations in those structures, along with their respective relationships to the chin and other internal structures, gives the shape of the neck. We have defined the beautiful neck as a long, well defined structure with a visible angle from its vertical portion to its horizontal section. In some individuals because of genetic differences, or aging that visual appearance does not meet an individuals desires. With age the superficial muscle of the neck, the platysma, tends to move forward and become more visible.  The vertical lines of the neck tha are visible with age is really the vivible muscle edge as it moves forward.  The skin can also beocmes more lax. 

Anatomy of the Neck

Beneath the skin there is a layer of fat and beneath that there is a thin muscle called the platysma
Beneath the platysma there is the trachea and deeper muscles 
With time, and activity the platysma tends to move forward along with the skin and fat that overlies it. It then becomes more visible and its medial edges are seen as vertical lines at the front part of the neck. 

Hyoid Suspension of the Platysma

The hyoid suspension neck lift is a procedure developed by Dr. Yousif.  He has performed this operation over the last 10 years. It attaches the platysma to the hyoid and forms the contour of a youthful neck.  The procedure makes dramatic changes in the neck and its results are extremely long lasting. A recent review showed that the results last for more than 10 years. 
This patient had significant weight loss.  The vertical lines in the middle of the neckare really the medial borders of the platysma. 
1 Year after Hyoid Suspension Neck Lift

Youthful Contour With Both Horizontal and Vertical Lines Improved! 

Move arrows to see before and after results

Move arrows to see 5 Years after results

HHyoid Suspension Neck Lift Pre-operative and 1 Year Post Op